Welcome to our Regulation 14 Pre-Submission consultation for the Wetherby Neighbourhood Plan.

The consultation ran for 10 weeks from 28/01/2017 to 22/04/2017, during which we sought views from all residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the town.  We asked all concerned to read the draft Plan and respond to our survey.

The draft Plan and a summary are shown below.  There are also a number of other documents that support the draft Plan, either as evidence or for reference.  Again, these are attached below.

The results of this consultation will shape the draft Plan that will then be submitted to Leeds City Council for further consultation and external examination. 

Eventually, the Plan will come back to our community for a referendum of residents, who will decide whether to adopt the Plan as policy, or not!

Key Documents

  1. Wetherby Pre-submission Consultation Draft Plan
  2. Summary of the Draft Plan
  3. The Survey – this printable form shows the questions that we consulted on.
    NB: The consultation is now closed.

Evidence Base

  1. Leeds City Council Core Strategy
  2. Conservation Area Appraisal
  3. Market Town Benchmarking Report
  4. Housing Market Assessment
  5. (a) 2013 Survey Form
    (b) 2013 Survey Results

Supporting Documents

  1. Wetherby Neighbourhood Area Map
    (a) Wetherby Neighbourhood Area Designation
  2. Leeds City Council Screening Opinion