Planning meeting minutes 05.06.13


SUBJECT:             Minutes of Meeting 5th June 2013

ATTENDEES:       Alan Lamb (Mayor), Harry Chapman (Deputy Mayor), Norma Harrington, Phil Joyce,                        Nish Kanabar, Alan Moss, Julie Turner.

PLACE:                  Micklethwaite Room, Town Hall, Wetherby


ITEM                      MINUTE                                                                                                                               ACTION

1              Welcome & Introduction – Alan Lamb welcomed everyone and introductions

were made.

2              Apologies – Nicola Bell, Manjit Curtis, John Wilksinson, Kew Brewer

Alan Lamb also advised that Ken Brewer had resigned from the group due to

other commitments.  Alan thanked Ken for all his support and help, especially

in setting up the Web Site.


3              Minutes of Meeting held 15th May 2013 – Amendments required – Attendee

Phil Jorce should read Phil Joyce and Item 2.7 should read Phil Joyce & Nicola

Bell would produce a Project Plan for the whole of the project. The minutes were

then accepted as a fair and accurate record of the meeting by all attendees.


4              Clerking of Meetings – Alan Lamb confirmed that as the members attending

were very up and down, he thought it would be better if he could arrange for a

Town Clerk to take the minutes of the next meeting and in the future. There

would be a cost to this, however, Alan thought it would be easier than one of

the members trying to take the minutes whilst taking part in discussions. This

was agreed by all in attendance.                                                                                                               Alan Lamb


5              Matters Arising –

                                2.4 Update of Census Statistics – Alan Lamb handed out maps showing

where the most prosperous to the not so prosperous lived and also the

age groups in ten year stages from 41 to 80 years old in the Wetherby

area.  Alan suggested that Manjit took this on and he would be able to

provide contacts at the council to enable her to drill down further.           Alan Lamb/

Alan to speak to Manjit, as she was not at the meeting.                            Manjit Curtis




2.7 Process Document – Phil Joyce and Nicola Bell produced a Project

Plan which Phil handed out and ran through in more detail. Basically, this

is a starting point as they had estimated the time it would take for each

task and some tasks would run consecutively. Phil suggested that someone

with more IT skills, could put what they had done into a document which

would be easier to use, as a work in progress document. Norma Harrington

made comment about  the time scales, in that it would be very tight to

accomplish everything by May 2014, when LCC would be writing to every

household in connection with the Local Election, as it was hoped we could

send out our Plan at the same time.  Also, if a lot of other Groups were

handing in their plans at the same time could there be a possible back log?

The next time this opportunity would happen is in May 2015 and it was

thought this would be too long. Alan Lamb will speak to LCC to confirm

they will pay for our Plans to be sent to every household whenever it is

ready. Alan acknowledged the Project Plan was a very good start and

very helpful.                                                                                                                      Alan Lamb


2.8 Terms of Reference – John Wilkinson was unable to attend the

meeting, so this will be carried forward to the next one.


6              Site Allocations Update – There is an event at the Town Hall, Wetherby, this

Saturday 8th June 2013. This is the first of many and will show the proposed

plans for the development of housing. This has been advertised and will also

appear in the Wetherby Weekly News on Thursday.


7              Formation of Working Groups – It was agreed by those in attendance that the

following groups would be formed:-


Vision, Aims & Objectives – This will be led by Phil Joyce and Nicola Bell, plus    

a couple of other people with IT skills.                                                                                   


Evidence Base – This will be led by Manjit Curtis


Communication – This will be led by Nish Kanabar


Best Practice – This will be led by Julie Turner, contacts have been supplied to

Julie for two other groups, however, one has not replied yet and the other is on

Holiday until 11th June 2013.


8              Skills Audit – It was agreed that this would be left to the new Clerk when appointed.


9              Next Steps – Alan Lamb thought we had done well progressing to the next steps

arranging the four new groups and would need to keep the momentum going



10           Any Other Business –     None


11           Date and Time of next Meetings –


                3rd July 2013 – 6pm – Micklethwaite Room, Town Hall, Wetherby


                7th August 2013 – 6pm – Micklethwaite Room, Town Hall, Wetherby







Next Meeting

The next Neighbourhood Planning Meeting will be in the Town Hall at 6 pm on Wednesday 3rd July. We are looking for more folks to get involved, so any new participants would be most welcome.