Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Wetherby must be a fair, inclusive and high quality sustainable place to live and work and maintain its character as a genuine market town

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop a vibrant and prosperous market town by encouraging development that supports a range of good quality jobs, businesses, shops and services that meet the needs of local people and protects and enhances the quality of the local environment.


  • To provide a range of housing that meets the needs of the town both in the short and longer term.


  • To encourage inclusive access for local people to the range of facilities and services that they need


  • To promote the use of sustainable forms of energy and transport for the benefit of local people


  • To provide new and diverse education, leisure and recreational activities for all ages in order to promote healthy and crime-free lifestyles.


Key Themes

  • Housing
  • Working and Shopping
  • Getting Around
  • Health, Well – Being and Leisure
  • Education
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Design
  • Services



First Post

This website has been set up to pass important information to the people of Wetherby.

And, more importantly, to allow the people of Wetherby to comment on what is to happen to their town.