Minutes from meeting 3rd July



Notes of meeting held in the Micklethwaite Room in Wetherby Town Hall at 6pm  on Wednesday 3rd July 2013


Present:  Cllr Alan Lamb(Mayor) (Chairperson), Cllr Harry Chapman( Deputy Mayor), Phil Joyce, Nish Kannabar, Nicola Bell, Julie Turner, Cllr Galan Moss, Cllr Norma Harrington

Item 1     Welcome and introductions: Alan Lamb

Item 2     Apologies: Manjit Curtis, John Wilkinson and Sandra Kleins

Item 3     Minutes of Meeting held on 5th June 2013:  Noted that Galan Moss’s name had been spelt incorrectly, otherwise accepted.

Item 4     Matters arising:

  • Clerk update. Alan Lamb advised the meeting that Barbara Ball the town clerk would have been here to minute the meeting excepting a prior arrangement. Discussion followed about the Town Council’s responsibility to facilitate and resource the meetings. Cllr Harrington stated she would take the minutes on this occasion. Alan Lamb assured everyone that there would be a minute taker at the next meeting.                                                                                                                                   Action AL
  • Discussion also took place about the small number of volunteers actually attending the steering group meetings despite others having been invited to do so. Alan Lamb undertook to contact other people on the list of interested parties to join the group at the next meeting.                                Action AL

Item 5     Best practice:  Julie Turner advised the meeting that she had sent out notes of meetings held with Geoff Shaw, Chairperson of Boston Spa Neighbourhood Plan. The meetings she had with him were very informative.

  • He had not originally been the chair but had fallen into the role! He suggests that we find someone to lead the project, with the requisite skills.
  • B.Spa steering group members walked around the village talking to residents and it was a very useful activity.
  • Annual newsletter is sent out, and was delivered by the local Scouts group.
  • Do we need a leaflet to let people know where we are up to, who is on the steering group and what we have done so far?
  • Questionnaire to go out after leaflet…by which time more people should be aware of the neighbourhood plan.

Item 6    Vision, aims and objectives: Phil Joyce talked us through the vision paper. The vision will of course change over time as it is reviewed as a result of feedback from local people.

Suggestion of two main themes.

  • Living and working in Wetherby– looked at Acorn categories, impact on all, decisions that are made have to be sustainable, fair and inclusive.
  • Maintain the character of a genuine market town-
  • These would be high level aims and objectives, with key themes requiring lots of evidence( some already available from consultation events had at launch of NP in town hall)
  • small working groups need lots of expertise in associated areas, these groups will be responsible to the steering group for delivering outcomes.
  • we need to engage with residents associations and other groups already established in the town as Wetherby is much bigger than the other local neighbourhood plan areas. There will be several shows and open days during the summer that would be an ideal opportunity to get the NP known!

Item 7   Evidence Base: Evidence needs to be made available before the sub-groups are formed. Alan Lamb has already arranged to speak with Manjit as she has been working on this and would have presented findings to this group if she had been here tonight.                                                                  Action AL/MC

When we set up the sub groups what are we actually asking them to do? They will each take one of the key themes, and break them down into wider sub-headings, set objectives and get evidence from talking to people.

We need a team for each of the three council wards in the town, existing Town Councillors could assist. Suggestions that events be held in the local primary school or community centre on three different dates so that people have a choice of times and dates to attend.

The leaflet and questionnaire should also be available on line.

Sub-groups to be populated from the lists we already have of interested volunteers.        Action HC/GM

Resources should be put into production of leaflets and banners and eventually for writing  and editing the plan itself. Professional help may be sought at that time.

Sub-group members to be invited to the next Neighbourhood Planning steering group meeting. Presentation from AL and MC reference evidence for the already identified themes.  Action AL/MC

NicolaBell stated that she would be happy to be involved with Health, wellbeing and leisure. Nish Kanabar stated he would be involved in communications.

Item 8   Communications: Nish will update the website publicising meetings etc. Wetherby Neighbourhood Planning now has a website, is on facebook, twitter etc. Nish is the administrator for the blog. (WNHP)

The NP will be promoted in the Mayor’s weekly column in the Wetherby News. Action AL

There can be a link to the Wetherby Town Council website. Local organisations will be written to asking for their assistance and alerting them to the website.                                                                         Action AL/BB

The Vision and key themes to be included on the webpage                                                      Action NK

There being no further business the meeting closed .

Date of next meeting 7th August 2013 at 6pm in the Micklethwaite Room at the Town Hall, Wetherby








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