Wetherby Neighbourhood Planning

Minutes of Meeting – 15 May 2013


2.1       .Provide the team with full statistics from the last census

2.2       JW explained what the Neighbourhood Plan is all about (on a single side of A4 – written small).

2.3       HC ran through the pertinent points of the last census.

2.4       AL suggested that a small group should look at the complete census and extract relevant details.

2.5       AL presented two maps to the meeting. There was discussion about the numbers and positioning of housing development within the Outer North East Area of Leeds, which contains Wetherby.

2.6       The need for a communication strategy which will generate feedback through the consultation process was discussed.

2.7       A Map of the Process to produce the Consultation Document is required and PJ offered to produce such a plan.

2.8       Terms of Reference will be drawn up. AL will put JW in touch with a useful contact.