Wetherby Neighbourhood Planning

Minutes of Meeting – 9 April 2013


1.1       Alan chaired this meeting, and explained that in time he would be handing over the chair to someone selected by the group.

1.2       The Steering Group consists of 15 people, selected from over 50 volunteers.

1.3       Inspectorate and Government Guidelines and any other current documentation will be circulated to the group members.

1.4       Look at the legislation and prepare a one page brief for the next meeting.

1.5       Look at examples of good practice, eg Linton and Boston Spa.

1.6       How to determine the skills of the group was discussed. Send an email to the members and asking for a list of skills. Collate the returns. In the same email check members availability for the next meeting.

1.7       Communication Strategy was discussed and will include: website, twitter, Facebook, Wetherby News, church magazines, posters, leaflets and school visits.

Set up a website.

1.8       Engagement and Consultation was discussed. Suggestions as to how this may be dealt with to be prepared.

1.9       At the next meeting AL and HC will present on