Welcome to the Wetherby Neighbourhood Plan website

Since 2013, the Wetherby Neighbourhood Planning Group has been working to formulate a plan, based upon input from the Wetherby community.  The Group consists of 15 members chosen from over 50 volunteers. When complete, the plan will be put to a referendum.

Please do read the following documents, including the latest draft of the Plan itself:

1. Wetherby Neighbourhood Plan (Submission Draft)
2. Wetherby NDP Basic Conditions Statement
3. Consultation Statement
4. Map of the Neighbourhood Plan areaNA1
5. SEA +HRA screening full report
6. Wetherby Local Green Space Maps

Details of the consultation process for the Wetherby Neighbourhood Plan can be found through the following links:

Leeds City Council website

Wetherby Town Council


What’s a Neighbourhood Plan?

Powers have been devolved to councils and neighbourhoods to give local communities more influence over housing and planning decisions.

Neighbourhood plans will give local communities the chance to produce a binding blueprint for their local area and have a greater say over the design and location of new development.

Neighbourhood  Planning:

  • Should be community led.
  • Should be about development or use of land.
  • Should be prepared by local residents in conjunction with a Parish/ Town Council or a Neighbourhood Forum.
  • The area covered has been specified by the Local Planning Authority, Leeds City Council.
  • Is about how local people want their area to evolve over the next 15 to 20 years.
  • Cannot stop development already allocated or permitted in the Local Plan/UDP; Core Strategy or Site Allocations DPD.
  • Cannot propose less development than that identified in the Local Development Plan.
  • Cannot propose policies contrary to the Council’s Strategic policies or National Policies (NPPF).
  • Cannot propose development which would breach other legal requirements, such as EU Regulations.

Please see the ‘Consultation’ menu (above) for more details about the Plan we have created.  These documents were originally shared with the community during early 2017, during one of our public consultations.